covering ugly concrete steps

Covering Concrete Stairs With Wood - General DIY.

I wanted to have railings put up on the front of my house to match the railings on my deck I just had built. The contractor asked if I would consider covering the concrete with wood to match the deck as well.

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How to Repair Cracked Concrete - One Project Closer

Ever since Jocie and I purchased our home in 2006 the concrete stoop has had this long, ugly crack, and this past summer some yellow-jackets tried to take up residence within the crack. That was enough for me to bump the concrete repair to the front of my to-do list. If you look around online, the typical repair involves filling the crack with a flexible patching compound followed by a sealant.

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Blacktop Driveways Over Concrete - Ask the Builder

How is Concrete Similar to Blacktop? Concrete is very similar to blacktop in that it also contains sand and gravel pieces. But the Portland cement ingredient that crystallizes and bonds tenaciously to the sand and gravel is as hard as rock.

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How to Cover a Concrete Patio With Pavers | The Family.

A concrete patio is made for practicality, not beauty. It starts out looking plain and goes downhill from there. As craters, cracks and stains accumulate, it can go from dull to downright ugly in just a few years.

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Concrete Countertop DIY - A Beautiful Mess

“I’m sorry, did you say I could make my own concrete countertop??” Yes I did! In gathering our ideas for the new studio space, we realized that we would finally have a chance to try our own concrete countertop DIY.

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DIY Feather Finish Concrete Countertops - Bless'er House

A thorough step-by-step tutorial with useful tips and advice on what not to do when installing DIY feather finish concrete countertops. There are days I wish DIY had an undo button.

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Helpful Resources for Kansas City's Geiger Ready-Mix Concrete

Resources. Placing concrete can be challenging if you are not fully prepared for the task at hand. Even if you are, it has potential to be quite difficult and you must have …

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