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The 4 Best Choices for Garage Floor Finishes

Garage floor coatings comprise two different types of products, paint, and epoxy. Although it is easy to confuse the two, as both are applied with rollers and brushes, they are actually quite different from a chemical and performance standpoint.

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Garage Floor Coatings

Why Nohr-S is the Best DIY Polyurea Garage Floor Coating Leo Choosing the right garage floor coating can be quite a challenge as there are just so many to choose from.

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EPOXY FLOORING. Epoxy Floor Coating Comparison Chart;. Home / Need to Know Articles > WHY ARMOR GARAGE EPOXY FLOORS ARE REALLY THE BEST.. you do your research and find what or should we say what you're not getting with competing products you'll know exactly why Armor Garage Epoxy Floors are the best.

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Garage Floor Paint Comparisons and Reviews.

Most people refer to epoxy as “epoxy paint” but in truth, epoxy and paint operate on two different chemical principles. When it comes to the best garage floor treatment for durability, longevity and relative economy, Epoxy wins hands down over all other garage floor coatings. Epoxy floor treatments are available in one or two part formulas.

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What Is the Best Epoxy Coating for Your Garage Floor

If you have 2 car garage and you do it yourself, expect to spend a minimum of $850 in materials (epoxy primer, color base coat, clear top coat, acrylic color flakes). For contractors, the price starts around $4.50 a square foot with a similar system.

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Best Garage Flooring Options | DIY

It’s a topical garage floor coating that helps protect against water, mild chemicals, oil and road salts. Application is easy, so it’s DIY-friendly. It won’t hide blemishes, so it’s best if your garage floor is free of stains and cracks.

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What's The Best Garage Floor Coating To Use?

DIY Grade Epoxy vs. Pro Grade Epoxy. Film Thickness . Epoxy floor coatings are designed to be a sacrificial barrier between the concrete substrate and the elements in your garage that are harmful to it (i.e. tire traffic, road salt, gasoline and oil leaks, etc.).

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