2x8 composite deck spain

APLH Concealed-Flange Light Joist Hanger | Simpson Strong-Tie

APLH light hangers connect 2x joists to beams. These concealed-flange hangers feature straight edges and provide a cleaner-looking installation for joist connections.

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NCA/TB/LTB Bridging | Simpson Strong-Tie

Installation. Support floor joists with a depth-to-thickness ratio of six or more with bridging at intervals not exceeding 8'. If span is greater than 8', install on 2x8 or larger joists.

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Import Lumber | Hood Distribution

Apitong. General Characteristics: Apitong is a very dense and tough wood with a relatively coarse grain pattern. It is very harsh on ordinary steel tooling due to its extremely high mineral content.

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Dromaeosaurs - Theropod Database

Deinonychosauria Colbert and Russell, 1969 Definition- (Deinonychus antirrhopus <- Passer domesticus) (Holtz and Osmolska, 2004; modified from Padian, 1997) Other definitions- (Troodon formosus + Dromaeosaurus albertensis) (Holtz and Osmolska, 2004; modified from Sereno, 1997) (Troodon formosus + Velociraptor mongoliensis) (modified from Sereno, 1998)

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Legacy Motors - Showroom by Car Make

Buy the best die-cast cars, trucks and motorcycles online from LegacyDiecast.com!Where to buy diecast cars, tanks and planes.Best selection of die-cast models and display cases.Look for great deals and cheap prices on selected sale items.

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