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Our Waste. Ninety-five percent of our solid waste is disposed of in almost-filled landfills - and one out of every two of those landfills desperately needs repair so it won't leak.

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Industrial containment Bins, Box Pallets-Spill Bund-tote.

Steel Framed Plastic Bins - Hides, Offal & Rendering Composite galvanized steel and plastic rotatable bins - Designed for Skins, pelts & hides, pet food processing, bi products and industrial waste.

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Plastic Household Products, Plastic Household Products UAE.

About Harwal Group Companies. Harwal Group is an international manufacturing conglomerate with an annual conversion capacity of 200,000 metric tons of plastic and 20,000 tons of aluminum and steel.

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Plastic Waste Bins, front load & pallet boxes, trolley.

Rhino alternate Plastic Box Pallet Bins-Front load waste Bins, NZ rotational Moulders, NZ Plastic bins, FEL front load for industrial waste & rubbish, Box pallet bins for food processing-meat & fish bins-pet food-Fruit Bins- Produce & Vege Bins-Storage containers. Rhino alternate

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