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Where Does Granite Come From - Ask the Home Flooring Pros

Home Flooring Pros is the number 1 online flooring resource and during the last few years our visitors have been emailing us with all kinds of questions and often the same questions over and over.So we thought it would be a good idea to address some of these more common questions in a regular series of posts called Ask the Home Flooring Pros.

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Inquiries are Beginning for Spring and Summ... - VRBO

About Marty King. I was born in Massachusetts and raised in New Hampshire. I graduated from high school when I was 18. After I graduated from high school, being a standard issue boy, I just hung around the homestead, enjoyed my mothers cooking and worked an easy 40 hr. a week job.

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Anchor Grip - RugPadUSA

A fitting companion to high-maintenance high-end rugs, Anchor Grip is a low-profile rug pad with exceptional traction. Its solid (vs. open-weave) construction puts more padding in contact with your floors, thereby delivering maximum gripping power, floor protection and a comfortable level of cushioning.

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Eco Plush 1/4" - RugPadUSA

A: Non-slip pads are best for high-traffic areas such as foyers and hallways, where thin rugs and runners are prone to slipping and sliding. Our cushion pads add a plush layer for large rugs already anchored by furniture, such as living and dining rooms.

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