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What is the purpose of the "stretching of the cord" ceremony in ancient Egypt? what is it analogous to in today's society? -used by the pharaoh of Egypt to establish a reference line for temples by using stars

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Seshat, the African Math Goddess, and the Stretching the Cord.

Seshat, the African Math Goddess, and the Stretching the Cord Ritual Seshat is the ancient African Egyptian goddess of knowledge, wisdom, and writing. She is the matron deity over seven scientific professions including mathematics, accounting, architecture, astronomy, building, surveying, and time keeping.

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STRETCHING OF THE CORD CEREMONY NOEMI MIRANDA, JUAN A. BELMONTE, MIGUEL ANGEL MOLINERO Abstract The antiquity of the Egyptian ritual of the “stretching of the cord” can be traced back to the 1st Dynasty, although the possibil-ity that it was even older can not be absolutely discarded.

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Pitch range produced by vocal cords -

An illustration of the concept that a pair of human vocal cords can produce the same range of frequencies as a piano. Credit: Lisa A. Clark, MA, CMI, based on original art concept by Kanako Omichi.

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Stretching your bezel wire when it doesn't fit - Facet.

Stretching your bezel wire when it doesn't fit What do you do when you've soldered your bezel wire, but it's just a bit too tight for your stone? Jewelry designer Kieu Pham Gray shows us her trick!

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Stretching and compressing materials - Practical Physics

2 The rubber band, the elastic cord and the steel spring change their shape when subject to tension. The changes can include extension, compression, twisting and bending. The changes can include extension, compression, twisting and bending.

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What is elastic potential energy? (article) | Khan Academy

What is elastic potential energy? Elastic potential energy is energy stored as a result of applying a force to deform an elastic object. The energy is stored until the force is removed and the object springs back to its original shape, doing work in the process.

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Astrology from Ancient Egypt -

astronomy is the Dendera Zodiac, from the temple of Hathor on the Upper Nile River, known to date at least to the Greek invasion after Alexander. Now in the Louvre Museum in France, this large sky map shows the stars of the sky, with the zodiac constellations forming a ring around the ceiling, around the rest of the main constellations.

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Seshat: Goddess Of Astronomy Aligned Sacred Monuments To The.

She assisted the pharaoh in the Stretching of the Cord ritual in order to align the sacred monuments to the stars. Why Was The Sacred Stretching Of The Cord Ceremony Performed? The mysterious Stretching of the Cord ritual dates to very ancient times. It was performed by ancient Egyptian priests, long before Imhotep built the Sakkara pyramid.

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The Stretching of the Cord - Bedford Astronomy Club

The ceremony was called stretching of the cord, and it is extremely ancient, being quoted for the first time in the Palermo Stone, a list of the kings of the first five dynasties (Belmonte 2001). In a typical depiction of the ceremony, the pharaoh who ordered the

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Egyptian astronomy - Ancient-Wisdom

Egyptian Astronomy: (A Record of Achievement) 'Egyptian astronomy has been termed "primitive" or "non-existent" far too many times: It is therefore appropriate to assemble the actual achievements of Egyptian astronomy and let the facts speak for themselves.

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How to Stretch the Heel Cord & the Plantar Fascia - Woman

Stretching is one of many ways to alleviate discomfort in your heel cord and plantar fascia. Toe Touch with Toe Raise Stand with your feet together and with the balls of your feet on top of a foot-long half-foam roller.

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Astronomy Archives – Page 2 of 3 – Secrets in Plain Sight

Category: Astronomy The Cosmic Sequence The following set of numbers comprise what I call the cosmic sequence: 27, 54, 108, 216, 432, 864, 1728, 3456 Each successive term is double the value of the preceding term.

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Seshat: Τhe Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom ~ Psy Minds

Seshat assisted the pharaoh in the stretching the cord ritual. This ritual is related to laying out the foundations of temples and other important structures in order to determine and assure the sacred alignments and the precision of the dimensions.

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Unveiling Seshat: new insights into the stretching of the.

The answer to this question could be encountered in a recent hypothesis (Miranda, Belmonte and Molinero, 2007), which suggests that the sign of Seshat (the divinity mostly involved in temple orientation ceremonies, notably the stretching of the cord), carried by the goddess upon her head in all representations, might perhaps have been a schematic and symbolic representation of an archaic transit instrument, similar to a Roman groma, that would have later become the emblem of the goddess.

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Prehistoric Egyptian Geodesy. - Ancient-Wisdom

The 'Stretching of the Cord' ceremony is mentioned in some of the earliest Egyptian texts in relation to pyramid building. The ceremonial nature of the procedure adds credence to the idea that any knowledge of geometry and astronomy at that time was an 'elite' science.

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