how to frame 12x24 roof on porch

How to Frame a Front Porch | Home Guides | SF Gate

You frame the roof with rafters supported at their upper ends by a horizontal ledger board attached to the exterior wall of the house and at their lower ends by a header beam. Vertical posts support the beam. The size of the rafters, beams and posts depends on the size and weight of the porch roof.

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How to build a porch roof with your own hands

First of all, check if your house can hold up additional weight. The roof of the house has to be quite stable and strong. Deformations and rotting make the roof unsecure, so that will be quite difficult to attach a porch roof without causing damage to all house. So you have to repair all the damages and apply anti-rot roof covering agents to the house top.

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Porch decks require 25 additional PSF for roof loads for a total of 80 PSF. As a result, most decks have inadequate footings to support a new porch roof. The footings for …

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Building a Porch Roof | Porch Roof Framing

When building a porch roof you have to determine the rise and run of your porch roof. Normally, you will want to replicate the same rise and run you have on the main roof of your home. Normally, you will want to replicate the same rise and run you have on the main roof of your home.

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How to Build a Porch Roof | HowStuffWorks

Lay the roof on the frame. Screw the correct size of 5/8 plywood to the top of the frame. Make sure you cut it big enough to overhang the frame by at least 2 inches (5 centimeters) on each side.

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Framing the Porch Roof - Ranch Expansion - Bob Vila

Part 3: Framing the Porch Roof Bob confers with contractor Larry Landers, as Landers and his crew assemble the front porch framework on the Wayland project house. Landers goes on to explain how to marry the old roof with the new one.

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how to build a porch roof over a deck Installing a roof over the existing deck which is not made with the intention to support a porch can be dangerous. This is because decks require additional footings and load to support the roof.

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Gable porch roof framing – this porch roof framing style has 2 sloping sides or parts that will meet at the top so that it can make a gable at the two ends. Furthermore, a gable is a wall with the shape of a triangle that is enclosed by two sloping ends of a rope.

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