extra large plastic plant pots

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Plant Saucers - 5 Pack of 12" - Clear Plastic Round Planter / Flower Pot Tray - Excellent for Garden and Household Plants Indoor and Outdoor Application (5, 12")

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17-29/32 in. Copper Medley Plastic Planter - The

The lightweight 17-29/32 in. Copper Plastic Medley Planter includes no drainage holes, which helps prevent moisture from damaging valuable pieces …

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Methods of Plant Propagation - MGP Products

Division Propagation from the following plant parts can be considered a modification of layering, as the new plants form before they are detached from their parent plants.

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Cheap, Easy, Leak-Safe Way to Water Plants While on …

Aug 23, 2013 · Place the bag in the plant's pot with the wick touching the soil. The water will drain at a continuous rate into the soil, with the bag deflating slowly in the process.

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Garden Myth: Gravel in Pots and Containers | Today's Homeowner

How to Use Gravel with Potted Plants. If you want to put gravel to work with your potted plants, use it outside the pot. Put a layer of gravel in your plant’s drainage tray, or down inside a decorative planter, then sit your plant pot on top.

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Large Plastic Flower Pots: Amazon.com

I love this container because it is a very good size to vegetable garden in and I love the price. I bought the 5 gallon to plant zucchini plants in since they require at least a 5 gallon container if you plan on planting them in containers.

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Picking the Perfect Pots for Aloe Vera Plants - …

can I plant two 4″ aloe plants, can I plant both in one 6″ tall pot, then I’ll plant my 6″ tall plant in another pot, and finally my 8″ tall plant in a third 6″ tall pot, that takes care of my set of three 6″ pots, they have excellent drainage for these plants. they have nice roots and I want to be sure I plant them properly.

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Large Garden Cloches Set of 3 - Plastic Cloches.

By using a few simple season-extending techniques and plant-protection devices, you can shield your plants from extremes of weather, and stretch your gardening season by two, three or even six months.

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